Paradise square

What I miss the most right now, are the amazing beaches of Thailand. White sand, warm  blue water and the wild nature.

I totally fell in love with the islands there! They are so close to each other but they are totally different and have a character of their own.

Wearing a simple, comfortable outfit.
Thrifted tank dress and a hat purchased from Bangkok street market.

Colorful Bangkok

Hello my dear ones! I am back from my  vacation and have landed in reality. This is going to be a travel photo diary for the next days, so be prepared!

First two days in Thailand we spent in Bangkok, Khao San Road district. It was difficult at first to get used to hot and humid climate as it was my first ever trip to Asia. I did not think about how I look or what I was wearing. Exploring surrounding and experimenting new things and activities.

Finally I fulfilled my dream of eating insects! They have great selection of them in Bangkok, as they sell them on the streets. They are full of protein actually and not bad tasting at all! I actually made a little video of eating a scorpion- it just was the most intriguing one. You can watch it here!
Crazy busy Khaosan road with countless shops and street food.
My first lunch in Bangkok
Eat that SCORPION!

Asians and their tremendous wish to be white. These were sold in every store.
Asians and their wierd food.
Amazing Siam Ocean World where you can see creatures from sharks to blue frogs. Place looks much cooler on picture than in real life.


Vacation - I'm coming!

Finlly! The much needed vacation is almost here. For the first time in my life, I really feel that I need to take some time off. This year has been seriously crazy. 

Today I'm taking a boat to Stockholm, a plane to Kiev and next stop is Bangkok! I'm planning to feed my soul with inspiration and experimenting. 

Check out my Instagram @getrimitt to get quick updates about my 2 week paradise vacation.


Winter wonderland

Took some quick shots in my parents yard before heading to a birthday party last Saturday. Weather was just stunning - true winter wonderland I must say! Pretty in it's own way. It interesting, how I am starting to appreciate having seasons and different temperatures.

Ohhh....I want to go outside now and make a snowman. Seriously.
 Went for super simple 1960s inspired outfit. Plain  dress, opaque tights and suitable hair to match the decade. Haven't worn this dress never, but I bought it few years ago for 0.50€ cents.

THRIFTED dress and H&M booties
What a gorgerous ring with natural pearl, isn't it! Borrowed this from my mum.


Smell of suede

Another day, another outfit post!

.  Every time I open my closet, the smell of my suede biker jacket just gets me.  It was seriously cold this Sunday, but I really missed wearing my classic outfit: suede biker jacket and fedora. Feels like home.

MANGO suede biker jacket, H&M boots and hat, THRIFTED jeans, bag and sweater. RIMMEL lipstick


Pastel story

Sometimes I just feel I manage to do more in a day, than sometimes in a whole week. Last Saturday was one of them.

 We went for a little shopping spree at the Bloggers Market - lots of people! Venue was seriously a  little small for that event. But left as a happy customer with some really nice items.
After that we had a nice walk in the Old Town - and finally took some outfit photos in front of amazing St. Nicolas Church. Seriously happy to see how the background and my oufits work together.
Later at home started my creative corset project for school - consists of molding and pleated fabric. Can't wait for the results, but I'm definitely blogging about it.

And FINALLY I can show you my precious camel coat in full glory! Accompanied by my Dior inspired earrings from eBay.

THRIFTED coat and jeans, SANGAR men's dress shirt, LINDEX scarf, H&M boots

Pretty in black

Was about time! It has been few  weeks since the wangalicious collaboration was launched but here I am!
I was pretty excited I got invited to to pre-shopping event before the official launch. I really did not want to stand in the line early in the morning to get my beloved items.

I ended up buying only two items - the sunglasses and bikinis. I am going on a vacation in the end of November so they are kind of perfect. I already see myself having a photoshoot under a palm tree with orange lips, wet hair and wearing my awesome bikinis and sunnies.

I have to say, I regret not getting the scuba minidress. Although, it was almost impossible to get it on and off.

Sunglasses 29.95€
Minimalistic yet very interesting texture. 49.95€.


Cashmere sweaters & skirts: rainy day inspiration: Advanced style

Today is a typical grey autumn day of Estonia. I am wrapped with my fluffy sweater, it's pouring rain outside and it seems endless. Wonderful. But every detail usually has some positive impact. I just wanted to color up your day somehow, so I really-really recommend you to take a look at this documentary I'm about introduce you. These emotions and the passion! Overwhelming.

Im a huge fan of fashion related movies and documentaries.  So, trust me, this is not some boring mambo-jambo.

Advanced Style  documentary examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers with eclectic personal style and vital spirit.  Suddenly you don't feel that aging is bad. This is seriously inspiring and I will assure, you will not dress in black after watching it!

,,I like to feel better dressed than others.''

,,Every decade makes me better.''

,,Too many people are so afraid and they want to do what everybody else do and  look like everybody else.''

So, what do you think ;) ? 


Voilà! Beauty time!

I'm actually a very  beauty distant female, I can talk about lipsticks, but that's kind of it. But sometimes, I use a bit of make-up. Honestly. I try to keep it natural as possible, I really feel very uncomfortable wearing mascara and heavy foundation. But it happens every once in a while. I like rubbing my eyes and face whenever I want to. 

Daily I use some face oil to moisturize my skin and some blush or sunpowder. Brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows.

 I like when my personal items look pretty, so I have chosen all black packaging for my make-up bag. MAC Cosmetics provide that perfectly.


Ilmselt olen üks ilutoodete kaugemaid naissoost inimesi, ma võin rääkida pikalt huulepulkadest, aga see ongi põhimõtteliselt kõik. Meiki kannan vähe, kuna see on minu jaoks äärmiselt ebamugav. Armastan hõõruda oma silmi ja nägu millal iganes ma soovin. Paks meigikiht ja tugev silmameik on lihtsalt ebamugav. 

Igapäevaselt kasutan Moshi näoõli niisutamiseks ning MACi päikesepuudrit või põsepuna. Samuti pruuni lauvärvi, et täita kulme.

Mulle meeldib, kui mu isiklikud asjad on ilusad. Tihtipeale just must-valge-hall-hõbe toonis. Õnneks MAC Cosmetics võimaldab seda :).

MAC Cosmetics sundpowder, blush and eyeshadow I use to fill in my eyebrows. Gosh concealer and Peggy Sage brush.


The camel is out!

At least there is something positive about the upcoming winter - my perfect camel coat! 

 I bought it from my ''secret thrift store'' last year for 1,5€. Camel coats are a true classic piece and a must-have. It resembles very much to MaxMara camels- that's why I've fallen in love with this cheaper version so much.  I really do feel like a woman every time I put it on. Maybe because of the length?

On this peek-a-boo picture I'm wearing(don't worry,  you are going to see this coat more, planning to wear until it rips apart)
THRIFTED coat and bag, LINDEX scarf