Preview: Alexander Wang x H&M

Every year, I'm looking forward the designer collaboration from H&M. It just gets better and better with every year. When I heard it was Wang for 2014,  it was too good to be true.

First images of the collection has been revealed. It has a really sporty vibe- stretchy crop tops, leggings and logos everywhere.  Actually I am not that amazed, I was hoping it was a little bit more feminine. Strikingly amazing minimal, model off-duty looks but still with comfortable sporty twist.
But hey! We haven't seen the whole thing yet ;)

The collection will hit the stores on November 6. 


What I've been up to

I am kind of afraid about this upcoming year to be honest. Somehow I have to manage and keep balance with school, full-time work and personal life. It's exciting, but very frightening at the same time. I kind of regret that I did not took school seriously the previous years and now I have so much to catch up. Although it's quite typical of me, always on the last minute..

Meanwhile, you can see what I've been up to lately...
Healthy spring roll dinner with the boys. Everything so colorful and yummy.
Merike Estna in KUMU museum. How awesome was that.
I've switched uncomfortable shoes to Nike's. Everyday feels like heaven.
A bite of Ben&Jerry's never killed anyone.
Pre school dinner and idea generating for our final graduating project.
Nom-nommers dinner at Aed with Marian.
A new toy to play with. 600 Business Edition - haha :).

Floppy hat selfie.


Shoe love: Olivia Palermo for Aquazurra

Amazing collaborations are amazing.

 The Italian cult brand and style icon Olivia Palermo joined forces to create an exclusive capsule collection, available at selected retailers world-wide from September 2014.

There's not much to talk about. You can enjoy the full collection HERE.

Olivia is  too adorable.

Colors: Sportswear inspiration

Normally, I feel myself more comfortable wearing darker colors(black-grey-brown and white are my favourites). I have very  few bright colored items  unfortunately.

But since the sportswear trend has been big for a while, I'm seeing colors from another angle. And I'm loving it.

I started working out again, so sportswear is very topical for me. And I have to admit, brighter the colors are, more happier I would be.
The AMAZING Dior Fall 2014 embellished sneakers.

Sneakers NIKE/ Pants NIKE, Sports bra BODYISM/ Wristband SHOUROUK/NIKE Sweatshirt


Lindex: Jean Paul Gaultier

My first ever memories with Gaultier go far back to my childhood.

My mom favourite fragnance was Jean Paul Gaultier ''Classique'' and I loved the femimine bottle shape! It was almost like a toy for me. And a fun fact - at first I wanted to name my blog Classique, but unfortunately that was already taken.

Second memory was Madonna's Blonde Abition tour outfit by Gaultier. That pointy corset is a true iconic fashion moment.

But now, ordinary people can purchase Jean Paul Gaultier. 
One of my favourite high-street brand Lindex is having a collaboration with wonderful Gaultier. And here are the first images:


Something new: girls will be girls

For me, interior and architecture is a bit hobby of mine. I love buying related books and magazines, so this new local magazine IDEE is totally for me. Filed up with interesting interviews, interiors and enjoyable graphic design.

These shoes are from Estonian local brand Monton for 4,99€(originally 15€) and bralet 3.99€ from Reserved. I just love bargins.
Fascinating article about  architect Olev Siinmaa's home in Pärnu. Siinma is definitely one of my favourite.


FOOD: When you are lazy

I have become a master lately preparing quick meals. As being a nine to fiver at the office and daily working out, food is important, but I'm not putting that much effort in that.
It is as simple as it seems. Zuccini fried with chilli, lentils with spices, sour cream and some onion. Easy, fast, healthy and yummy.


HEAT WAVE: Baltika AW 2014/15

 Yesterday we visited Baltika Grupp's AW 2014/15 collection presentation at Noblessner port. The weather was perfectly warm, and so was the room, where the show took place. It was more like a sauna to be honest. It was difficult to take some proper pictures because we sat just behind the photographers.
We left  quickly to the lougne area and enjoyed some cold wine and cool breeze to avoid  heat stroke.  It was nice to see a lot of fashionable people:)
Have a great weekend!


I adore my new bag from Annimari vintage shop. And just 17€.

Posing with sweet Marian and  some super glamorous background.

The show  looks cool, doesn't it? The venue was awsome but the heat kind of ruined it all.


FOOD: Saka Manor

I must say, visiting different restaurants is kind of like a hobby of mine. What can I say,  I just love great food.
Last weekend we spent exploring manors of Lääne-Virumaa. Accidentally we had a chance to have dinner in wonderful Saka Manor.
We had no expectations, or neither of us had  heard about the place before. And we were pleasantly surprised:)
Everything was de-li-cious! And  very reasonably priced for that kind of quality.
As an appetizer, we shared Boeuf tartare. So good!

For main course, I had zucchini with mozzarella and my partner ox fillet. It was  even better then you can imagine :)

And pancakes from the children menu for me ofcourse.

SHOES: Do I really need you?

Actually I just went out to buy a few pairs of cute socks for a present. But as usually, something else caught my eye. As my fellow female sufferers probably understand, it is not easy to fight back. My heart says they are perfection, so comfortable, totally awesome, practical and good for everyday use. And then my common sense kicks in. You have enough shoes, you can't wear them during winter, they are too masculine.

Should I get these?
And once again,  I find myself asking, ,,Do I really need another pair?''