NEON: H&M Sportswear

I have always liked H&M sportswear, but never owned anything from the line. But  since yesterday, it changed. I saw these running shorts discounted from 17.95€ to 7€, I just couldn't leave them hanging. At first, I thought they would be ideal for working out outdoors, since the weather is crazy hot these days, but they look so good and eyecatching with some shoes and pretty necklaces:). This must be the most colorful item in my closet!

The fact, that there's no big logos and the design is simple makes the whole  sportwear line very appealing to me.




SO NOT ME: ruffled dress

I wanted to show my latest purchase - this Mango dress (sale price 21.99€) pictured below. It's something I would actually never wear. There's a pattern, ruffles, quite short and it's all too much to ask from a dress(for me). But I just knew it was mine when I first saw it.

It's practical, comfortable, feminine and very Isabel Marant I must say. You can see an example here!


Test drive: Canon 60D

For a while now, I have been honoured to test drive Canon EOS 60D. It's perfect for amateur like myself. I want to buy a new camera soon, my worn out Pentax needs replacement, and trying out different cameras is just perfection.

And some details I really love about the camera:

60D is a mid-range DSLR, excellent Picture quality, plastic body shell, lasting battery life, fully articulated 3.o* screen, live view.

I loved the high ISO performance and the camera itself is very fast. Can't forget to mention the HD videos. And my  favourite feature, fully-articulated screen is better than you would think. You are able  to flip the screen completely around to hide the LCD monitor and you can protect the screen when the camera is in your bag, car etc.

 The camera is a bit heavy for me, and doesn't fit in my handbags. So actually I'm thinking about getting something more compact - a hybrid! But more of that soon :).

Saying goodbye  to my new friend. And I LOVED the live view pictured here!
Painting in the background is Martin Saar.



Weekend fun: Positivus Festival 2014 here I come!

It's my third Positivusel Festival I am attending, three years in  a row for now. Right now, I'm sitting at the office, excited like a little girl and don't have the vibe to concentrate on work.

 I just want to run around the festival area, schedule in my hands, chill in the hammocks, dance on the beach wearing a straw hat.

I am super thrilled about the performers this year - I have been listening the line-up and I have found many great bands. But the most, I am looking forward seeng Kraftwerk, The Kooks, The Temples, MO, Pompeya, Y Silent and the list goes on! 
Last year Positivus Festival 2013. Photo credit Yvan Rodic.


Valhalla Factory: Home accessories for the daydreamers

I accidentally stumbled on something amazing. Valhalla Factory, is a brand focused on producing breathtaking home accessories. 

Designed side by side with nature. Founder of Valhalla Factory, a lifestyle photographer Terje Talpsepp's work goes hand in hand. The creation is based on  Terje´s work. The photos are inspired by morning walks, patterns of impressions collected from journeys around the world and from colourful dreams. Terje herself loves the Mediterranean accent of Scandinavian interior design, where the designed accessories fit perfectly.

Range of goods offers you wonderful candles, pillowcases,  hammock leaves etc.


Finally in my Closet: Kriss Soonik

For years now, I've been dreaming of Kriss Soonik's lingerie. I'm  a huge fan of unwired(I don't wear anything else) classy bras and it was almost  complusory for me, to own atleast one set of Kriss's lingerie. And here I am - a happy customer!

It is very necessary to try lingerie on, before purchasing - so local store in Tallinn, Ulakas Kaunitar was the one for me. I choosed the color Naughty Navy. The sizing is another story - there's only three options small, medium and large. I'm rather a small girl, but large fits me perfectly.

And yes - this is  exactly how I'm going to wear my new lingerie.


Sweet Life: iPhone update

Life has been busy, kind of wonderful, full of exciting activities and surprises. All this together keeps my spirit happy and satisfied, but at the same time always lusting for more.

 Everyday I find myself doing something that feeds my restless soul -  cooking something colorful and preparing  yummy smoothies, enjoying some great company, meeting new people(and little sweet kittens:), admiring breathtaking views and having a class of bubbly.

Here's a quick overview from the past few weeks of mine:

Having a colorful dinner at my parents house. What a pleasure :)
Everyday I start my day with a take away smoothie. Those smoothies accompanied
by adorable polka dot cups help me to get through my sleepy mornings.
Friends of mine are offering home to a cat mother of four. Aren't these little kittens
the cutest creatures ever?

My bag stucked with happy-colored grocery.
Another morning, another smoothie :)
A ferry, Kihnu and a bottle of Prosecco - Saturday.

Karl prepared us some yummy dinner and Grete does, what she does best - a foodzie!


Picture post: pasta and lingerie

So fresh, so clean. This just might be the best salad I've ever prepared.

Just don't over cook your pasta. Or this will happen.
About to prepare a nutritious and healthy smoothie.

Just finished my painting and decided to take a selfie with it. Hey, why the hell not!?

Pure sexyness straight from Warsaw, Poland  - K MAG! My new favourite magazine for sure.
Someone has been a good girl lately - what's hidden there :) ?


Marie Antoinette themed birthday: My look

It has been two weeks, since the Expressions 10th birthday party was held in Kadriorg Palace. I was so late with the costume, and picked my outfit just few hours before the event from Estonian National Opera. And in my opinion, it was way better than a huge uncomfortable dress.

I'm wearing a standard baroque suit - consisting of this fancy and detailed jacket, knee breeches and a vest. 

People really had put some effort dressing themselves ;) Not that common in Estonia.


Food: Good Morning smoothie

New kitchen and loads of kitchen appliances inspires me to prepare every day something good for my body. Summer is great time to mix up refreshing and nutritious smoothies. Yesterday morning I enjoyed this delicious drink pictured below.

-2 bananas
-2 kiwis
-mint leaves
-some ice
-half glass of milk